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Viennese Waltz

Waltz - or modern waltz, or slow waltz -  is slow, smooth, elegant and graceful, and has rightly earned its place as the most famous of the ballroom dances.  The fluidity of the dance comes from a constant swaying action through the upper body, which in turn helps both partners to glide through long flowing steps.

In its elementary form, it's an easy dance to learn, and lays the basis for many other dances.  Taken to a performance level, many dancers find it the most aerobically energetic of all the dances, despite its apparent slow gentleness.  It's the best dance there is for strengthening balance and control.

Waltz is danced to music played in slow 3/4 timing (if that means anything to you).  The more wistful of the Celtic musical styles are frequently waltzes, and the rhythm is also used often in nostalgic country music.  And it's surprising how many famous hymns make beautiful waltzes.  Here are a few waltzes from very different musical genres.

Kenny Rogers If I Were A Painting
Secret Garden Nocturne
Aretha Franklin A Natural Woman
Andy Williams Moon River
Elton John and Kiki Dee True Love

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