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Viennese Waltz

    There are two distinct styles of foxtrot, virtually unrecognisable from each other.

    The first is American style foxtrot, sometimes referred to as social foxtrot or as blues.  It has a light, relaxed style of movement, which reflects the swing or jazz styles of music which suit it best.  American foxtrot is the simplest and the most socially useful of the ballroom dances.  In general, it's the first ballroom dance we teach to beginners.

    English foxtrot, on the other hand, is often considered the most difficult of the ballroom dances.  Although it's danced to the same style of music as American foxtrot, the technical demands on the dancers are far higher, especially in terms of balance and partnership.  It's beautiful to watch, it feels superb to dance, but this is one we save for our more advanced dancers.  You might also see English foxtrot referred to as slow foxtrot.

    Foxtrot music is characterised by the classic crooners and cabaret singers, or by the music of the big, high-kicking production numbers of old-style Broadway musicals.  Here are a few examples that you'll probably recognise and a few you may not.

    Frank Sinatra New York New York
    A Chourus Line One
    Queen Killer Queen
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Maddest Kind of Love
    The Silents Nightcrawl
    Julia Stone Catastrophe

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