Our music

Whatever your musical tastes, from Frank Sinatra to Franz Ferdinand, from Strauss to The Streets, there is music you like that you'll be able to dance to.

Here's something strange...  Cutting edge experimental dance is presently questioning whether music is necessary.  Choreographers and composers are rushing off into separate rooms or cities to come up with a piece of music and a dance.  Then they perform them simultaneously with no prior knowledge of what the other has produced.

We think this is impressively avant-garde, but probably a little bit silly.  We think music is VERY important.

We've learned that most people dance far better to music that they enjoy, so we try to play a broad range of musical genres in the studio.  You probably won't love every single song you hear, but you'll get practice applying your dancing to lots of different styles of music, and at least some of our music should make your ears happy.

If you have favourite songs, albums, artists, or genres that you'd like to hear more of, let us know and we'll try to include some on our playlists.  If you have music you love and you're wondering what to dance to it, bring it in and we'll try it out with you.


We want to make an ethical request here.  Please resist illegally downloading music (or anything).  Please.  Most musicians work hard and aren't rich.  Pay your dollar or two for a track.  Help these guys out.  If they've produced a piece of work that's so good you want to keep a copy for yourself, pay your dollar.  It's cheap, and they've earned it.  Okay, that's all for the soapbox.