Our Syllabus

River City Ballroom uses a syllabus developed specifically for independent dance studios.  It covers ballroom, Latin, tango, swing, along with other niche styles, and it's regularly updated to ensure it remains current.

The syllabus is structured as a three-tiered medal system, with levels progressing from Bronze through Silver to Gold medal levels.  Each medal level is divided into sub-levels, so that at each stage of your learning we tackle one small manageable chunk of material.  We'll make sure you're confident and competent with that material before we progress to the next level.  

When you enrol on a learning plan with us, we will select a suite of dances that will meet your goals in learning to dance, whatever they may be.  You may have a particular interest in specific styles, you may want to learn a general selection for social dance, or you may want to tick every single box and learn as much as you possibly can.  We'll sit down with you after your first few lessons and work in collaboration with you to put together a plan that will get you moving in your chosen direction.

Your learning plan is entirely flexible.  Most people start off with a suite of four to eight dances.  As time goes on, you'll find your preferences and strengths, and we'll continue to adapt and tailor your plan as your dancing evolves.  A learning plan is just that - a plan - and we're always happy to change plans if a better idea comes along.