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Rumba is a slow, romantic Latin dance in the same family as mambo and cha-cha. It's characterised by sensual, fluid hip movement and by gentle and intimate interaction between partners.

We teach two distinct styles of rumba.

Box rumba, or American rumba, is a simple dance, which fuses Cuban hip and knee action with a box pattern derived from the European family of ballroom dances.  It's easy to learn, and enormously useful for social dancing.  Most beginners find that rumba is one of the first dances in which they start to feel really competent.

The other style of rumba we teach developed its present form in Britain rather than in the Americas.  This is the style used by Dancesport, referred to as international style, and has a basic step similar in structure to the mambo.  It's more fluid and more ostentatiously showy in its movements and shapes than box rumba.  Toned down, it's still a very useful social dance, or with full styling, it's incredibly pretty and perfect for performance.

Both types of rumba are useful for slow Latin music, love songs, and soft rock, amongst other styles.  International style rumba is generally danced to slightly slower music than box rumba.

Dean Martin Sway
Crowded House Fall at your feet
Lana del Ray summertime sadness
Kimbra Good Intent
Sparkadia Talking like im falling down stairs
Lauren Wood fallen
Hunters and Collectors Throw your arms around me

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