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Bolero is a very slow, romantic dance.  The step patterns are similar to those of mambo, cha-cha and rumba, but technically and stylistically it's very different.  Its slowness means it requires great control and very strong balance, which make it one of the most technically difficult dances.

Bolero lives in the family of Latin dances, but it combines technical elements from ballroom with pattern structure from Latin .  We don't teach bolero until you have a good technical grounding in a suitable combination of other dances.

A well-danced bolero is slow, fluid, romantic, intimate, and sensual.  It uses far more upper body movement than the other Latin dances and, unlike any of the other Latin dances, it's danced with the partners in full body contact.  Bolero has a grace all of its own.

If a song is too slow for rumba, bolero is the dance to choose.  Here are some beautiful songs which we love to use for this dance.

Lonestar Amazed
Michael Buble Home
David Gray Silver Lining
Peter Gabriel The Book of Love
Ricky Martin Bella (She's All I Ever Had)



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