Technical Dancing

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If you want to learn the finer intricacies of dance, to really get into the technical detail and precision of being a good dancer, to dance at a level beyond the functionality of social dancing - well, that's music to our ears!

Obviously we need to start with functionality, so the first step is to get you moving, and to develop skills in partnership, floorcraft, and musicality.  These are the things we'd teach to people who want dance as a social skill.

Once that foundation is laid, we'll get as detailed as you like.  We'll teach you how to stand and transfer your weight correctly for the different styles of dance, and we'll get the rest of you - knees, hips, ribs, arms, head - moving the right way for each dance you learn.

The syllabus we use is very well structured (that's why we use it!), and provides a level-by-level progression from the basic foundations of each dance through to a highly artistic level of movement suitable for performance.  If you're someone who likes to tick every box, and to get feedback at the completion of each stage of your learning, then our medal plans will suit you very well.

We'll choose a suite of dances that suits you, and we'll make you the very best dancer you can be.

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