Practice Classes

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To augment your learning, we run practice classes where a teacher helps you practice and consolidate what you're learning during your private lessons.  Each session focuses on the steps of a particular level of dancing.  The classes are generally small - around half a dozen students - so you have plenty of chances to ask questions or get help if you need it.  And practice classes are FREE - we provide them to help you to learn faster, and we want you to come to them as frequently as possible.

Our practice classes provide you with two very important aspects of learning to dance.

First of all, they give you the opportunity to physically drill your steps by repeating a step pattern several times in a row.  Repetition is an important part of developing any physical skill, but it's more efficient for you to be able to do it outside your private lesson time.

Secondly, practice classes give you experience in partnership.  By practising each step with several different partners, you learn very quickly how to lead or follow well.  Every partner you ever dance with will be different, and being able to adjust appropriately is a vital part of being a good dancer.  Even better, you get to meet other people who are learning at about your own level.  Stay back and practice with them afterwards!  Or just stay back and have a coffee and a chat.  Dancing is social at its heart, and it's great to share your progress with other learners.

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