Our Teaching Process

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Whatever you're learning, whatever your level, and whatever your aims, we use a structured two-phase teaching process which builds up your skills layer by layer:

PHASE 1: Pattern, Posture, Partnership

  1. Pattern
    Learning the step. First we show you where and when your feet move - you can't do anything without that!

  2. Posture
    Setting it up. Your posture is the scaffold that supports your dancing. Without the right posture, everything feels difficult, so we get that going right away.

  3. Partnership
    Making it work. Next we show you how to lead or follow the step and how to shape it so that it works with another person in the picture.

Phase 2: progression, precision, polish

  1. Progression
    Making it flow. Once you can dance the step with a partner, we’ll help you incorporate it as a part of your regular repertoire, flowing smoothly to and from the other steps you already know.

  2. Precision.
    Making it good. This is about refining a new step from being functional to being clean and correct. It’s about tidy feet, correct leg action, and strong body movement. It feels like dancing!

  3. Polish
    Making it beautiful. Finally, we add the extra detail of head, arms and body movement to get your dancing looking as great as it feels.


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