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Merengue is the first dance we teach to new beginners.  If you can march on the spot, and if you can count to one (ONE!), you can learn merengue.

In terms of rhythm and foot patterns, it's the easiest dance we've seen, but it's fantastic for learning how to work with a partner.  It uses lots of different holds and lots of different shapes, it teaches you how to lead and follow, and even better - it works with a huge range of musical styles and speeds.  It's a dance that lets you focus on your partner rather than on your feet, and we think that's the most important thing about dancing with someone else.

Merengue has a relaxed, casual style that's perfect for social dancing.  On top of that, the patterns are completely flexible, so you can use them in any sized space, no matter how crowded the floor.  If you have heaps of space, you can travel around freely; if you have one square metre, you can still move with the music and do something interesting with your partner.

In terms of music, pretty much anything goes for merengue.  If the music's fast, make it lively; if the muisc's slower, make it soft.  About the only thing that really won't work is waltz music, but hey, that's a chance to visit the bar!

These are some tracks that are better suited to merengue than any of the other dances.

limite 21 estas enamorada
Johnny Ventura Dejalo Pa' Enero

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