Getting Married

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Congratulations on your engagement!  Before anything else, we'd like to wish you and your future spouse the very happiest of lives together.  We hope all your wedding plans are progressing smoothly, and we'd love to be a part of them.

By this stage, we bet you're sick to death of every price being marked up if it's for a wedding.  We'd like to break the mould.  We think your wedding is expensive enough, and we'd like to go the other way.  Our wedding lesson packs are discounted significantly from full lesson price - our little engagement present to you!

We have a dedicated specialist wedding dance department, River City Wedding Dance, which offers two different lesson packs for bridal couples: the Standard Wedding Pack (6 private lessons) and the Deluxe Wedding Pack (15 private lessons).  Either way, you'll have your own teacher who will work with the two of you to put together a dance that suits your tastes, your music, and your wedding.  If neither of these suits you (getting married next week?), give us a call to chat about what you need.  We'll do whatever we can to find a way to get you dancing.

We want you to be able to dance at your wedding with dignity and confidence.  Your wedding is an incredibly busy day - an enjoyable day, but nevertheless quite a stressful one for most couples.  We really don't believe your dance should be yet another source of stress.  Instead, we'd love it to be a little oasis of peace, a few minutes in the day when you can hold each other in your arms and not deal with a single other duty.  With that in mind, our main aim for whatever kind of dance you do is to ensure not only that you look great, but - more importantly - that you both feel confident with everything you need to do.

There will be a whole lot of stuff we need to know to make sure your dance works for you.  Here are some ways you can help us to give you a dance that's just right.

  1. Choose some music you both love, something that's meaningful to the two of you.  If you don't have your hearts set on a particular song already, bring in three or four tracks you like and we'll let you know which one will work best to dance to.
  2. Be ready to let us know about the style of your wedding.  Is it traditional, contemporary, themed?  How formal or casual is it?  We'd like to make sure your dance will fit in with the rest of the day.
  3. We'll need some idea of the floor plan.  In particular, how big is your dance floor?  And roughly where will your table and your guests' tables be?
  4. Finally, we'll need to know a bit about what you're both wearing (you can tell us this in secret if necessary) so we only use moves that your clothes will let you do.

Here's our most important tip for your wedding dance lessons:  wear your wedding shoes.  These are the shoes you'll be dancing in, and it's a great help to break them in a little.  They might get a bit dirty, but you can clean them (even white satin ones - just ask us how).

What we really hope is that you enjoy learning so much that you'd like to continue after your honeymoon.  Dance is a wonderful thing to share, and if the two of you (or either one of you) would like to explore beyond the immediate concern of your wedding dance, we would love to help you make plans for your future dancing.

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