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You have NOT left it too late to start

There's a common wisdom that if you start learning something late in life you'll never be good at it.

Well, there might be skills for which that's true, but partner dancing is not one of them.  We have taught many, many people who have not had time to learn to dance until they've retired, or their children have left home, or some other milestone that most of us don't reach until our 50s or 60s.  And many of those "late learners" have gone on to become some of the most beautiful dancers we've taught.

We only teach adults, so partner dancing is certainly not a skill you need to start in childhood.  Whether you're 20 or 40 or 80, you can start learning right now and we will move you forward at a pace that suits your learning.

Let's be truthful here - everyone over about 30 knows that as you grow older you learn new skills more slowly.  But learning more slowly is VERY different from being unable to learn.  EVERYONE learns at a different pace, and we don't care if you take two lessons or eight lessons to master a certain skill.  The beauty of teaching private lessons is that we can teach you at your own pace, and give you as much or as little revision as you need from one lesson to the next.

A promise from us: however quickly or slowly you learn, we will NEVER hold you back and we will ALWAYS make sure you're confident of new material before building on it.

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