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You CAN dance to your kind of music

Oh dear.  We have all heard the dreary, clicheed canned music known in the dancing world as strict tempo music.  It's dreadful.  We're obliged to confess it can be useful - it's specially designed and recorded to be a perfect speed for dancing, and the timing is usually very easy for beginners to hear.  But it tends to be awful, bland, synthetic stuff.

Good news!  Every genre of music out there has plenty of opporunity for dancing.  Whether your tastes run to classical, jazz, swing, country, rock'n'roll, rock, pop, lounge, electronica, indie, or world music, there will be plenty of songs you like that are great to dance to.

We try hard to play music from many genres, so that you get an idea of how you can use whatever music is playing when you go out.  So don't be alarmed - we promise not to make you listen to relentless hours of something you hate.  And if you want to know what dances to do to your music, we'd be very happy for you to bring some in for us to listen to and try using on your lessons.

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