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You WON'T benefit from learning your steps in a fixed routine

Many people who have not had much experience with partner dancing assume that they'll learn a routine for each dance, a fixed sequence of steps which they memorise and repeat.  Some think there's some standard routine called "The Cha-cha" or "The Waltz" which all dancers learn and use.  Others assume that two partners need to learn the same sequence of steps to dance together.

We think you're much, much smarter than that, and we want your dancing to be a lot more fun and a lot more useful than that.  Machines are fantastic at repeating fixed sequences, but human beings quite rightly find repetition thoroughly boring.

Instead of dancing a fixed sequence of steps, we'll show you how to lead, follow, and adapt step patterns, so you can adjust your dancing to any environment and any partner.  Even better, it lets you use your brain as well as your body.  Much better than being a machine!

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