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There ARE places to go dancing

Partner dancing has been growing steadily in popularity over the last decade or so, resulting in a growing community of dancers and a growing number of venues and events to support dance.

There are plenty of clubs or regular events for Latin dancing, where they play Latin music and often run a short public class at the beginning of the evening.

Many of the dance schools around Brisbane run social dance nights open to the public.  They will of course cater primarily to the style or styles of dance they teach, but in most cases there will be plenty of overlap with what you learn with us.

We run our own Supper Dances on the second Friday of each month from 8 til 10, where we'd love you to come in and practice your dancing in a familiar environment with people you know.

But really, all you need is a little patch of floor and some music.  You don't need a venue or event which specifically caters for dancers.  Any musician, band, or DJ will love you if you get up and dance.  It takes a bit of nerve the first few times if you and your partner are the only ones dancing together, but the response never stops being amazing.  Musicians or DJs will frequently ask you if there's anything you'd particularly like played, and they'll do their best to cater to your requests in order to keep you and others on the dance floor.  Strangers will shower you with compliments and questions (even if all you're doing is two basic steps).  Sometimes they'll even shout you drinks - now that's worth getting up a bit of nerve for!

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